Judging by height

Height (pedal, bass, treble) is a factor in naming the chord.

  1. How low is the lowset note. If it is a pedal note then it is the bass of the chord.

  2. Look for a triad in the notes from the bass end up.

  3. Work your chord up in 3rds.


Example: Name this chord

  • Pedal C is played. C is the bass of the chord.
  • The notes directly above C are G (5th) and E (major 3rd).
  • The chord is definitely C something.

  • Add more notes from the data. Build your chord in 3rds
C E G         = C
C E G Bb       = C7
C E G Bb D     = C9
C E G Bb D F#   = C9#11
C E G Bb D F# A = C13#11

The chord is C13#11 in open voicing. It could be played by 3 trumpets and four trombones. See how the common intervals are in the bass clef and the compound intervals are in the treble clef.

Music Theory

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