How to Express Mood

Try being extremely happy at a slow pace. It doesn’t work. Tempo is integrally related to mood. Some words have been adopted as standard measurements for tempo. (beats per minute) Italian: English translation (40-50) Grave: heavy, solemn (47/8-54) Largo: wide, broad, generous (54-62) Lento: slow, lose 60 Adaggio: slow, saying 62 Largetto: a little wide (70-80) Andante: walking 80 Andantino (90-110) Moderato: moderately 110 Allegretto (120-140) Allegro: happy and bright (140-150) Allegro assai: very happy … Read more

Metronomic Tempo

How long does the music play in minutes and seconds? You work out this figure from the metronomic tempo. A metronome is a mechanical or electronic device capable of keeping perfect time. Tempo is measured in beats per minute. Most music is between 40 and 210 beats per minute. We write the metronomic tempo at … Read more

Divisives 2up

Divisives 2 up We know a simple beat is divisible by 2, a compound beat is divisible by 3. We can write a compound beat in simple time using divisives (3, 6, 9, 12, 15). We can write a simple beat in compound time using divisives (2, 4, 8). More exotic divisives are 5 in … Read more