How to Express Mood

Try being extremely happy at a slow pace. It doesn’t work.

Tempo is integrally related to mood.

Some words have been adopted as standard measurements for tempo.

(beats per minute) Italian: English translation

(40-50) Grave: heavy, solemn

(47/8-54) Largo: wide, broad, generous

(54-62) Lento: slow, lose

60 Adaggio: slow, saying

62 Largetto: a little wide

(70-80) Andante: walking

80 Andantino

(90-110) Moderato: moderately

110 Allegretto

(120-140) Allegro: happy and bright

(140-150) Allegro assai: very happy

(150-160) Allegro vivace: happy with spirit

(160-184) Vivace: spirited, bright

184 Presto: quickly, hurry up!

208 Prestissimo