Speaking the Chord

You can now write chord symbols such as C7b9 and Bb+, but how are they spoken?

Chord as writtenChord as spoken
CmC minor
Csus4C suspended 4th
Cmb5C minor flat 5th
C+C augmented
C6C sixth
C7C seventh
Cmaj7C major 7th
CdimC diminished
C9C ninth
C9+C ninth augmented
C9sus4C ninth suspended 4th
C7b9C seven flat ninth
C7#9C seven sharp ninth
C7b9#9C seven flat ninth sharp ninth
C7b9+C seven flat ninth augmented
C7#9+C seven sharp ninth augmented
C7b9#9+C seven flat ninth sharp ninth augmented
C6/9C six ninth
Cmaj9C major ninth
C9#11C ninth sharp eleventh
Cm11C minor eleventh
C7b9#11C seven flat ninth sharp eleventh
C7#9#11C seven sharp ninth sharp eleventh
Cmaj9#11C major ninth sharp eleventh
Cmaj13#11C major thirteenth sharp eleventh
C13#11C thirteenth sharp eleventh