Pedal power

Recall pedal C is the first C under the bass clef. A pedal note is any note under pedal C. Use pedal notes when you want power. Pedal notes must be voiced carefully so as not to muddy the chord. Underneath, pedal Bb is reinforced by its octave. The region between pedal and bass Bb … Read more

Parallel motion

In time and motion ungainly movements are ugly. Little things altered do enhance pleasure. This first exercise is so big it will take you years to understand it. How many progressions can be developed above a single root? Four instruments play together, each given a different note on a different stave, so we hear a … Read more

Chords in action

So far in this book you have learned about common and compound intervals and the written notation for a chord. All good information, but a bit dry and removed from music’s sensual experience. This section is designed to whet your appetite for “meat and potatoes” or minestrone (as suits your taste). Though the real wonder … Read more

Compound Intervals

Extensions Compound intervals are named in 3rds from the 9th to the 13th. All harmony can be expressed in chord notation. The biggest interval in chord notation is the diatonic 13th. Bigger intervals like “two octaves and a diatonic 6th” are in the study of transposition and voicing but not chordal harmony. We support each … Read more